Its called Research

‘‘It’s called research’’

Is my general answer to my better half’s usual question about my latest beer based expenditure. How am I ever meant to know how to make a great beer and sell great beer if I don’t spend time trying it?

I’ve actually learnt a lot trying some of the UK’s best craft beers - I’ve enjoyed a fair few, have hated the odd one and have generally enjoyed trying out some of the best tap rooms and beer clubs.

So what have I learnt?

  • Well firstly that I’ve got a lot to learn - there’s some great people out there doing some great things with beer.

  • I need some help - no way can we make our mark by going it alone - from brewing to marketing getting it rights going to mean spending some money.

  • It’s bloody crowded out there - botom line is we’re going to have to make some dam fine beer IF were actually going to build our brand.

  • There’s some lovely people out there who are willing to help and support -thank you

  • There’s some fantastic breweries doing some fantastic work supporting good causes

  • There’s an opportunity to develop a social impact beer brand - horrah! becase that’s our plan

  • Long term success will only come from having our own taproom - but that’s for the future

  • We need to brush up on our social skills generally and more importantly our social media skills

  • There’s a distinct lack of beards in our group and I really still don’t like stout

The research will continue but it’s now time to focus on doing it ourselves.