The Queer Brewing Project

A fantastic read about a great project The Queer Brewing Project is planning an ongoing series of collaboration beers with breweries designed to raise awareness of queer issues in the beer industry.


While the project is queer-focused, Waite is intentionally working with a variety of breweries, not just those with queer leadership, in an effort “to reinforce the idea that inclusivity is an issue to which everybody has a responsibility,” reads the company website. A portion of each beer’s sales will go to different charities.

Have a read of the full story here and check out Queer Brewing’s Website for detials of their latest brews and events - we’re hoping to have some of their bews in our first #BeerDoingGood Box - check that our here

Its called Research

‘‘It’s called research’’

Is my general answer to my better half’s usual question about my latest beer based expenditure. How am I ever meant to know how to make a great beer and sell great beer if I don’t spend time trying it?

I’ve actually learnt a lot trying some of the UK’s best craft beers - I’ve enjoyed a fair few, have hated the odd one and have generally enjoyed trying out some of the best tap rooms and beer clubs.

So what have I learnt?

  • Well firstly that I’ve got a lot to learn - there’s some great people out there doing some great things with beer.

  • I need some help - no way can we make our mark by going it alone - from brewing to marketing getting it rights going to mean spending some money.

  • It’s bloody crowded out there - botom line is we’re going to have to make some dam fine beer IF were actually going to build our brand.

  • There’s some lovely people out there who are willing to help and support -thank you

  • There’s some fantastic breweries doing some fantastic work supporting good causes

  • There’s an opportunity to develop a social impact beer brand - horrah! becase that’s our plan

  • Long term success will only come from having our own taproom - but that’s for the future

  • We need to brush up on our social skills generally and more importantly our social media skills

  • There’s a distinct lack of beards in our group and I really still don’t like stout

The research will continue but it’s now time to focus on doing it ourselves.

Brixton and EarthStation Charity Collab - Youth Violence Prevention

This is definately a beer to get your hands on two great breweries coming together to support such vital work.

Earth Station Brewery in Newham and Brixton Brewery in Lambeth are both located in London boroughs struggling with serious youth violence problems.

Jenn Merrick, founder of Earth Station, wanted to raise awareness while also raising money for local charities working with young people to stop the bloodshed by doing what she does best: brewing beer. So she came up with a plan to do both: brew a beer that would also benefit families and young people affected by this issue. As a community-based business with strong local ties,

Brixton Brewery were immediately on board to be a part of it. They will be throwing open their brewhouse for a very special Open Brew Day event at their Dylan Road Brewery on 9 March. Proceeds from the beer made on the day will go to Asta Community Hub and Fight for Peace in Newham and Indigo Youth in Brixton.

Full proceeds from the sales of this beer go to charities working to prevent youth violence in Brixton and Newham. You can read their blog here