Join our cause - drink our beer!

We very much believe that this world can change for the better and we also believe that our delicious craft beer and the beer community can be a vehicle of this change.


We will use the resources we have—our business, our marketing and our voice to make a difference and help others achieve their goals, because collectively we can do so much more.


Every NO HEROES beer you buy will make a difference to people’s lives through our giving back approach. As a business we’ll commit to giving at least 25% of all our profits to good causes.


We care about our home (Earth) as it’s the only one we’ve got. We care about preserving all life and protecting our dwindling natural resources. We are committed to doing everything we do in a good way and we’re supporting 1% for the Planet; a global network of businesses, non profits and individuals working together for a healthy planet.



When we can afford to we’ll ensure that at least 50% of our workforce are under 25 and we’ll work hard to support people to get the training and work opportunities that will make a lasting difference to their lives.

Improving lives, supporting communities & protecting our planet

Our giving model focusing on supporting organisations who work in three key areas, namely; PEOPLE, focusing on young people and mental health, COMMUNITY, supporting organisations who are making a difference within their own local community and PLANET, supporting people and organisations who are fighting for the future of our home.

We will do this by working alongside charities, people, businesses and the brewing sector giving money, our time and raising awareness of the key issues we all face.