We believe that all life on earth is under threat

It may not happen today but the fact is our world is running head first into disaster.

We don’t exist to blame, we exist to make a difference and do what we can to bring about real change for people, communities and the natural world. We aim to use whatever resources we have—our beer, our money, our voices and our imaginations—to do something about it.

We’re inspired by nature and we want to protect it. We are not experts, but we can see the impact all around us. The loss of biodiversity, coral reefs, changing temperatures, melting ice caps, the migration crisis and wars are all visible signs of what is happening to our world and it’s time to act.

We believe it’s now or never. So we donate our time, services and our money to help those grassroots organizations and people all over the world who are doing something about it so that they can remain vigilant, and protect what’s irreplaceable.

At the same time, we know that we can’t do it alone and we risk not really making a difference. So we plan to work across the sector to bring the issues to life, to ensure we’re all doing everything we can to work in ways that protect our world for all life. This is for everyone’s future.

No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Extinction Rebellion Protest
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Good for the environment

Our values

We’re not perfect and we know that - but we’re going to try our hardest

We will always strive to brew the best possible beer and we will always look to brew it in a way that causes the minimum impact to our world.

We will cause no unnecessary harm - We will work steadily to change our business practices learning from others and always sharing what we’ve learned.

Use our business to protect our world - The challenges we face require action we will always ensure that we’re using our brand and our business to bring about change.

Be Different - We will have fun and we aim to create a company that people will be proud to work for, support and buy from.

No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Black T-Shirt
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Three Founders

Drink our beer give back & do good

We just want to make the world a better place and to be as ethical as possible in everything we do. We are not perfect and not sure we will ever be and we know we still have lots of room for improvement

We give our time, our voice and we’ll give a % of all our profits to good causes and people who are making a difference.

Our brewery is strongly rooted in the charity sector with our founder having worked for over 20 years for both UK and international charities - in that time he’s helped raise over £500m.

No Heroes Brewery is part of 1% for the Planet a global movement of businesses looking to protect our planet. As a member at least 1% of our sales go directly to nonprofits working to protect our planet.

No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - 1% for the planet
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Treak Community Centre
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Surfers Against Sewage
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Pump Aid
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Orangutan Foundation
No Heroes Not for Profit Craft Beer - Praxis