Promoting fair practices and safe working conditions throughout our business

Corporate Responsibility (CR) encourages companies to take responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, communities and the environment.

As a new business with no staff our CSR approach will adapt as we grow but we will be always guided by the following principles.



We will ensure that all our products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions


We will always consider the environmental impact of everything we do, actively seeking to cut down on any unnecessary practices that damage the environment and actively encouraging our consumers to recycle.


We recognize that we are using water, a precious natural resource to produce our beer, we will always try to do so in a way that mitigates the long term impact of this on people and planet.


We will always pay the living wage and actively involve our employees in the decisions the business makes.


The communities in which we work are vital to our future and we will work alongside them to tackle issues that impact on people on a local level, giving them a space and platform to grow.