We’re on a quest to make a difference using beer to make this place just a little bit better

We’re four friends and we’ve all been drinking beer for far too many years, including a long time in the wilderness drinking tasteless mass produced crap! We aren't beer experts, we're people just like you who enjoy a good beer (and we all like different types), adventure (as long as it’s planned), socialising (but not with too many people) and even now and again having a good time.

NO HEROES as an idea came from a simple thought (over a few beers) that we could use great beer to do good by supporting important causes #BeerDoingGood.

So after an afternoon drinking some fantastic beers in Bison Beers tap room in Brighton (thanks Bison) we thought we’d start our own brewery and beer club. Our aim was simple, 'focus on supporting great causes and brewing great beer', and so the ‘pipe dream’ was born.

That was September 2018, and bit by bit our dream is coming true. Join us on our journey!"