We are NO HEROES and we are on a quest to build a better world together one great beer at a time!


We use our beer, our voices and our imagination to work towards making our world a fairer place for all. We donate our time, our brand and at least 25% of our profits to help grassroot organisations who are making a real difference to people, communities and our planet.

We aim to create a company that people will be proud to work for, support, buy from and importantly we will produce great beers that everyone can enjoy.

There’s a lot of work to do and we can’t do it alone so please join us on our journey. Buy our beer, support our work and tell your friends and family about us.


Our Current Beers

We brew in small batches, so our beer is always super fresh, and there’s not much of it. Octocan is a juicy, Hazy Pale Ale brewed in partnership with the brilliant team at Pretty Decent Brewing in Forest Gate, London. The folks at Pretty Decent are committed to donating 15p from every pint or can they sell to the charity Pump Aid.